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Spooky House

Done by Fabulicious DT Member: Jennifer Snyder

For This Project You Will Need

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  1. House Preparation: Paint the house black. I used both black gesso and black spray paint.
  2. Cut walls using sheet of FabScraps Angelic Christmas Collection – I believe paper C61 002. Lightly ink the edges of each wall. Glue the paper to all the walls.
  3. Cut door frame and window frames from FabScraps Angelic Christmas Collection – Festive Bells paper C61 004.
  4. Draw lines in the shutters with a fine tip black marker and glue shutters in place.
  5. Using a texture stamp, add some black stamping to the walls as desired.
  6. Roof/Shingle Preparation: Cut 0.5" strips of black cardstock. Set half the strips aside. The second half will be backed with either cardboard strips or dimensional tape. These will be used to achieve a dimensional and varied look to your shingles.
  7. Cut all the paper strips into sections varying from 0.5" up to1in. Add extra interest to your roof by cutting the pieces on angles, adding jagged edges and making some of the shingles unique.
  8. Glue the shingles to the roof by starting at the bottom of each roof section. Alternate by gluing a dimensional shingle, then a flat shingle next to it. When the bottom layer is complete, add the next layer making sure to overlap on top of the layer below it. Alternating your shingles.
  9. Once all shingles are on, you can fill in sparse places on the roof as desired.
  10. Glue mica chips on roofing as desired.
  11. If cardboard is showing on the roof, touch up with black spray paint.
  12. Finishing Touches: Paint wooden fencing with silver paint and add a touch of black paint to distress. Glue to sides of the porch.
  13. Glue plastic toy skeleton to the porch.
  14. Spray flowers with a light black mist to grunge up – not totally discolor. Glue to porch and add one red rose to the skeleton.
  15. Tuck a small plastic skull to the floral cluster.
  16. Cut small pieces of cheese cloth and glue to the roof and windows for spooky cobwebs.
  17. Finish by gluing bats to the roof.
  18. Enjoy.