Project Categories

C90 Christmas Snow
C88 Floral Dreams
C87 Journey in Time
C86 Mother Earth
C85 Shabby Rose
C84 Vintage Elegance
C83 Kaleidoscope
C82 Beach Bliss
C81 Zooty Cuties
C80 #Teens
C79 Christmas Memories
C78 Jungle Mist
C77 Serenity
C76 Country Kitchen
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C47 Organic
C46 Classic
C44 Burlesque
C43 Vintage Baby
C41 High Tea
C38 Heritage
C31 Timeless Travel
C30 Shabby Chic


Bird Wall Hanging


To begin, get yourself the gorgeous bird wall-hanging (DC46 004) consisting of 3 chipboard birds with separate wings. Paint the edges of each bird with black acrylic paint (AC 001) and leave to dry. Once dry, use one of the birds as a template to cut out a front and back out of the Classic paper (C46 002). Using FabScraps white craft glue (G4 014), paste the front and back to each bird and leave to dry.

Use the same technique to cover the wings.

Next, cut small strips of paper (1.5cm wide x 5cm long) and roll each strip using a kebab stick to make cigars. Once tightly rolled, glue the remaining edge of the paper to the cigar to secure. Starting at the bottom, glue each cigar onto the wing to achieve dimension. Once the glue has dried, use your craft scissors to trim each cigar to match the shape of the wing. Decorate with black rhinestones, not forgetting the eye of the bird!

Glue about 5 or 6 black feathers to the tail of the bird. Once dry, wrap a piece of black satin ribbon around the feathers a few times and glue, just to ensure that they are properly secured.

To finish, thread black satin ribbon through the holes of each bird to connect them. Make a loop at the top and voila, your custom-made Classic bird wall hanging is complete!